Susan Miron, Chief Executive Officer

Susan Miron, the driving force behind Redemption Armor, LLC, is an experienced law enforcement and private security expert with more than 20 years in this highly specialized field.   A graduate of Eastern Connecticut State University, she put her education to work as a police officer, executive protection specialist as well as General Manager of private security firms.  Her clients have included governmental customers such as the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Department of Homeland Security.


Prior to launching Redemption Armor, Ms. Miron conducted extensive ballistics on the products she now offers.  Not one to rely on others’ marketing data, she wanted to insure the products met and exceeded the user’s needs.  These tests proved the efficacy of the protection products. If you have any questions or comments, you can reach Ms. Miron on our Contact page and she will get back to you.

Erik Hansen, Chief Operating Officer

Erik Hansen retired from a rewarding 25-year career in law enforcement, followed by several years of working as an executive protection agent for high-profile corporate clients. While still an active police officer, Erik worked as in instructor for several international private security companies.


During Erik's tenure with a large Connecticut police department, he was assigned to the Chief's Strategic Planning Committee, the Uniform Committee, and worked in uniform, plain clothes and prolonged undercover assignments.  Erik was also extensively involved in use of force training, and retired as the Commanding Officer of the Firearms Unit.


Based on positions held within his agency, he has tested and evaluated many law enforcement products. When approached to represent body armor for a worldwide distributor, Erik's insight, knowledge and first-hand experience with body armor led him to support, recommend and sell the outstanding body armor products you see here.  If you would like to know more, or are looking for a security/law enforcement product not listed, just send Erik an inquiry through the Contact page and he will be happy to discuss your mission specific needs.